Managing Your Career and Breastfeeding

Mom, welcome to yet another challenge! As a working woman you would have faced innumerable challenges and your success in surmounting them has placed you where you are. If you are expecting a baby or have an infant at home, you have a life defining chance to shape your baby’s life. Breastfeeding. It is the right way to nurture your baby.

Why should you breastfeed your baby?

  • Less illnesses, diseases & disorders
  • Antibodies (that fight infection) in breast milk
  • Better developed nervous system
    Better IQ than non breastfed babies
  • Breast milk is tailor made for the babies need. If your baby is pre-term the composition of the milk changes to suit the needs of the baby.
  • Readily available no need for any preparation
  • Intimacy and better bonding with the mother due to skin to skin contact

What it means to you the mom?

  • A health baby means less anxiety, less number of off from work, focus on career and reduced medical expenses.
  • Decreased postpartum bleeding
  • Earlier return to pre-pregnancy weight
  • Delayed resumption of ovulation
  • Reduced risk of ovarian cancer and reduced premenopausal breast cancer

SO BE FIRM ON BREASTFEEDING YOUR BABY EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE FIRST SIX MONTHS OF LIFE and continue breast feeding along with complimentary feeding. Once YOU DECIDE there is NO STOPPING.

During the last trimester of your pregnancy, enroll for prenatal class that counsels on breastfeeding. During the first few weeks after delivery, get your baby to feed from your breast. Depending upon your work life and the number of holidays you get post pregnancy, work out a feeding plan. Invest in a good breast pump and learn to express and store the milk. Feed your baby the expressed milk and from your breasts alternatively. Initially it may be trying for both you and your baby, but things will settle down quickly. Make your baby comfortable with the feeding plan before you resume work. Take the right amount of nutrition and nutritional supplements. If you have issues with breastfeeding, you always have the guidance of professional lactation consultants who will help you resolve your issues.

Remember it is YOU who can decide on breastfeeding and being a mother it is but natural for you to want to breastfeed your baby. Let not hurdles or deterrents come your way. The ONUS is UPON YOU and YOU are in-charge!

Issued in the public interest as part of World Breastfeeding 2013 campaign by MILC Centre.