Our values define us!!

With a vibrant intellectual team lead by pediatricians Dr.S.Subramanian and Dr.Meenakshi J, our core values touch upon Bonding Beyond Cure and Enabling New Horizons. New Horizons do not happen without the effort to seek them. NICE is our effort towards that goal. NICE is the academic research and training component of our organization.

From time to time, we offer programs for the community as well as professionals. The programs will focus on building a healthy community based on evidence based scientific concepts. We envisage NICE to be a platform for the professionals, parents and the community. We are also strongly placed to conduct research within our organization that would better outcomes of clinical practice.


To emerge a center of excellence in evidence based research and training.


To engage in evidence based research

To improve outcomes of clinical practice

To train professionals on practical issues that go beyond text book knowledge.

To emerge as a knowledge sharing platform among the health professionals.

To educate the community on health issues, holistic well-being and preventive care.