Development of Child Vision

Development of Child Vision

How can parents help in vision development of their child?

Here is how parents can help develop a child’s vision during the first few years.


Birth to four months

  • Use a nightlight or other dim lamp in your baby’s room.
  • Change the cradle position frequently and change your child’s position in it.
  • Within a range of eight to twelve inches near the baby, place safe toys.
  • Talk to your baby as you walk around the room.
  • Alternate right and left sides with each feeding.

Five to eight months

  • Hang kid safe objects across the crib for the baby to grab, pull and kick.
  • Leave the baby on floor and give a lot of time to play and explore.
  • Give kid friendly blocks or toys for the baby to hold with hands.
  • Play with hand gestures and connected songs.

Nine to twelve months

  • Aid the development of visual memory by playing peek a boo or hide and seek games with toys.
  • Help the kid’s vocabulary by naming objects while handling them.
  • Encourage crawling and creeping.

One to two years

  • Help visual tracking by playing with a ball rolled back and forth.
  • Give the child toys of varying sizes, shapes and color. play with to boost fine motor skills and small muscle development.
  • Read or tell stories to as this will help the child’s ability to visualize and developing reading skills.