About us

About Us

This clinic was founded by Dr.J.S. Lakshmi in December, 1988.

Started by gynecologist Dr.J.S. Lakshmi as a women’s clinic, we have evolved into an exclusive healthcare center . We provide you with niche specialties that cater to your exclusive needs.

Our medical directors DR. S.Subramanian and DR.Meenakshi J have the uncompromising dedication towards quality healthcare and have transformed Smrthi group into what we are today.

We are proud to present our triad- Smrthi Health Care, Nishta Integrated Neuro Development Centre and Nishta Centre of Excellence.

About Us

This clinic was founded by Dr. Mary Zimmerman MD on January 5th, 1992.

Since those times we were vocal in expanding both the number of pediatric and related services we offer, just as well as the size of our team of skilled and caring pediatricians. This far, we’ve reached a size x5 times bigger than how big we were when our clinic was just starting out. In 2006, Ms. Angela Harrods joined the practice as a pediatric nurse practitioner. 5 years ago our clinic joined forces with yet another fellow children’s healthcare facility, located in Stanson.

All in all, our medical facility for minors provides a range of therapy services to children aged 0-18 years of age and their families.

Smrthi Health

Welcome to your gateway to a positive well- being. Care that counts for you, caters to your individual needs and promotes your health.  MILCC (Mothers and Infants Lactation Center), Urogynecology, Pelvic floor trainer, Exclusive Newborn Screening, Audiology unit, Lifestyle Modification Programs are a few of

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Neurodevelopmental solutions for issues like Autism, ADHD, CP, milestone delays, learning disability, dyslexia, dyscalculia, neurological challenges post trauma, voice and fluency, articulation and phonological disorders , swallowing issues, early intervention are provided. We specialize in early intervention, assessments. Integrated holistic and individualized care is at

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From time to time, we offer programs for the community as well as professionals. The programs will focus on building a healthy community based on evidence based scientific concepts.

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Appointment slots of our top consultants are full every day.


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Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.Hippocrates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we get same day appointments?

Yes provided slots are available. For sickness visits we ensure that you get appointments at the earliest. However for elective visits like vaccinations, you need to fix up a few days in advance.

Q: I am a first time visitor to your clinic. Who will guide me?

You are welcome and to ensure the best for you, we have client managers at the front desk who will guide you through the system.

Q: I have a query on my bill whom to do I contact?

Our administrator will help you resolve your concern. Please contact admin@smrthihealth.in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept insurance and which one?

We service customers with any type of government or private health insurance, which covers the price of our treatments…

Q: What is your appointment policy?

Our doctors must work by an appointment. Unfortunately, sometimes appointments take longer than expected and do require longer time frames than scheduled. When this happens, your patience is appreciated. A sincere attempt is made to adhere to the clinic schedule as much as possible.

Q: I received a bill and have questions about it. Who can I call for assistance?

Our billing department is ready to help you. For your convenience, please contact our billing department by telephone at 1.555.329.5632